Get Lifted

Get Lifted subtly compares nineteenth and twentieth century occurrences of lynching to the athletic feat of the slam dunk. Images of black male basketball players are woven into rich Jacquard tapestries. 

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery (Luxembourg)

Studies for a Blak Origin Moment

Studies for a Blak Origin Moment functions much like a bibliography, indexing strategies for “working-through” an examination of black masculine representations.

Miller Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) 

Blak Origin Moment

Starting with the question, "When did you know you were black?" Blak Origin Moment searches for a beginning by way of a black archive. 

Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, OH)

Speaking of People: Ebony, and Contemporary Art

Speaking of People explores the ways contemporary artists use Ebony and Jet as a resource and inspiration.

The Studio Museum (Harlem, NY)

Past Works


This section is representative of works presented prior to 2014 including tapestries and altered ebony pages.

Tilton Gallery (New York, NY)